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Celebrate those special memories in a way you'll never forget.  Make special occasions even more so by letting us commemorate every minute of your celebration.  There is something for everyone and for every possible occasion.  So, whether it's a cherished personal memory, a corporate event, holiday celebration, or a special occasion, there's no better way to celebrate the special moments in life than with a Celebrate the Memories picture show.

Life keeps on bringing showers of surprises and happiness. Many of these happy moments become cherished forever. We celebrate these occasions year after year, time and again to relive the happiness we were blessed with on this occasion. When we participate in someone else's special moments, we generally tend to share his/her happiness by gifting him a token of remembrance and joy that could always stand as a symbol of this happy day. Gifts for such occasions are more than mere pleasantry items, they are a symbol of rejoicing and bliss.

Need just the right sentiment for the occasion? Start with our video designs.  Celebrate the Memories documents occasions like the CFA Southern Region top 2011-2012 winners with music videos and YouTube shows.  There are also family birthday cards, a cattery display, a 50th high school reunion, and more.  We will create any video for any occasion.

Special occasion "online cards" are a great way to surprise the unsuspecting recipient.  It is also a great way to document a special event like an anniversary or a birthday, or an accomplishment like a regional or national award. The person initiating the card or video provides photos and appropriate information.  An audio/song is included to set the mood for the show while the photos and text will walk people through the story you want to tell.    

Send us the information and we will do the rest.     Contact us   


Janet / Jim Kincaid

Jimnet  Cattery

Between Janet/Jim Kincaid and Ande/Gar DeGeer we represent over 50 years of showing cats that included multiple National and Regional Winners including Gar and Ande's Cat of the Year (Greatest American Hero).  This also included helping put on numerous cats shows including involvement in regional and national awards banquets.  In short, we know that special feeling that goes with the accomplishments at the end of the show season.  

"Celebrate the Memories" documents the CFA Southern Region top 2011-2012 Championship, Kittens, Premiership, and Household Pets with music videos and YouTube shows. 

 Contact us to create a video for you.


Ande / Gar DeGeer

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